PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos
PhotoFit - panorama stitching software for digicam photos Features of PhotoFit - know all about panorama stitching software, PhotoFit. Good digicam software. Download PhotoFit, perfect panorama stitch software, today! Your best digicam panorama partner. Purchase PhotoFit, your choice of Harmony or Premiium.  Major credit cards acceptable via PayPal, RegNow, or ShareIt. PhotoFit Gallery. Free panorama pictures.  All photos are panoramized and stitched by PhotoFit, TekMate's panorama stitch software. Awards - see what PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos - wins various awards contact - contact us if having question about PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos
PhotoFit - panorama stitching for digicam photos
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PhotoFit  The multi-row whole panorama generator

PhotoFit stitches individual photos to  one single seamless large panorama image

The TEKMATE PhotoFit is a high performance panoramic photo stitching image editor which comes equipped with high precision multi-row stitching technology such as automatic focal length detection, automatic distortion cancel, perfect perspective correction and several projection types as Linear, Panorama, Ultra Wide Linear and Fisheye capability.
In addition, PhotoFit has easy-to-use interfaces. That are Image File Finder, non-click thumbnail viewer, drag and drop stitching, PhotoFit Manager and others.
You may simply take overlapped photographs using your digital camera then you may get a whole panoramic image which has wider angle and larger pixels !
individual small photos just one click PhotoFit PhotoFit stitches into a single seamless LARGE photo

Does PhotoFit stitch better than other similar softwares? Yes, PhotoFit can!

Horizontal panoramas, Vertical panoramas, 360 degree panorama, and Whole panoramas Yes! PhotoFit can stitch panorama photo better!
Panorama view (cylindrical), Linear view (flat) and Fisheye view.   Yes! PhotoFit can do panorama stitching view better!
PhotoFit original "Ultra Wide Linear" view.   Yes! PhotoFit can show Ultra Wide Linear view
Auto-stitching or D&D-stitching selectable. Yes! PhotoFit can do auto-stitching or drag and drop stitching!
Full automatic focal length detection,
---no lens data file nor manual input.
Yes! PhotoFit can do full automatic focal length detection!
Anti-distortion algorithm making straight line straight. Yes! PhotoFit can do anti-distortion algorithm!
Easy and exact perspective correction
--- provides the best quality of output image.
Yes! PhotoFit can provide the best quality panorama with easy and exact perspective correction.
Various image sources.
Digital camera images, scanned film images or scanned document images.
Yes! PhotoFit can be sourced digital camera ("digicam") images, scanned films or scanned documents!
Automatic adjusting with tilted or rotated images. Yes! PhotoFit can do automatic adjustment with tilted or ratated images!
Pin-point color matching.  Yes! PhotoFit can do pin-point color matching!
Reads and writes BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG formats. Yes! PhotoFit can handle BMP, JPG, TIFF, and PNG formats!
Output to QTVR format. Yes! PhotoFit can outputs to QTVR ("Quick Time") formats!
Saves project-file to recreate construction on later. Yes! PhotoFit can save a project to a file for later recreation or reconstruction!
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Why PhotoFit is surely great for panorama stitching

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