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PhotoFit   advantage

Q. Why PhotoFit is surely great?

Ans. PhotoFit calculates focal length automatically

If you had used some stitching software, had you never bothered from the request of focal length?
"Focal length" means the focal length of the lens which you used when you took a series of photograph for stitch.  If your camera is a single focus type, the value of focal length shall be written at the front end of the lens.  However, at the zoom lens,  you will find the value which was written like 6.8 - 19 mm. This notation shows that the focal length value of the wide-angle edge is 6.8mm and the telephotographic edge is 19mm.
If you always take  photographs using one of either end, the focal length  value can be known. Though  it is difficult to know focal length if you take pictures using the middle position of the lens.
What in the world,  is it possible to entry  the value which you don't know?
May be you enter the estimated value, and the software makes poor results.

Different from many of competitor's software,  PhotoFit doesn't request  the focal length to you.  Based on a series of photograph themselves, PhotoFit computes the focal length full automatically.
And more different from most of competitor's software,  PhotoFit shows the computed value on the screen.

The focal length value and other parameters are normally hidden behind the thumbnail. To see them, extend the thumbnail area by dragging the border lines. 

Shown parameters are separated two part  (1) about the pictures which is displayed as thumbnail. these data are originated Exif formatted JPEG file from your digital camera,  and (2) about the calculated values ( == Our conclusion about Base Picture ==).

The parameters are:  
Base Name:  File name of base picture. 
Focal Length: Focal length of the lens that took base picture .
Horizontal Field of View: Horizontal Field of View of base picture in degree.
Vertical Field of View: Vertical Field of View of base picture in degree.
CCD Size: The optical working size of CCD imaging device. 
  • These values are calculated under fitting works automatically.  therefore values are valid after fitting. 
  • Each pictures may have different values with focal length /  FOV  because it may have different zoom rate. So, these values are about base picture, not about a series of pictures all.

The ability to display these values are proving the excellent technology which PhotoFit has.

Saying more, if you have a stitching software which request you focal length value,  try to apply our focal length value to it ! ( It may works better. )

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